What happened to Tanner Fox and Where is He now?

What happened to Tanner Fox and Where is He now?

During the 2010s Tanner Fox came to prominence as a competitive stunt scooter rider, eventually turning pro. Since 2011, he operated a YouTube channel that now has 10.3 million subscribers. His content related to vlogs, travel, and local adventures around southern California with his friends. Surrendly he stopped posting to his Youtube channel with one video uploaded in over two years. Tanner Fox primarily makes his money from his YouTube Channel. Tanner also has a huge following on Instagram and makes money from both sponsorships and advertisements on that medium as well. Tanner is sponsored by The Grind Shop, Lucky Scooters, and Root Industries.

What Happened to Tanner Fox?

Tanner Fox has been missing in action for well over two years now. In September 2022, there was The Roman Atwood Podcast, in there fans saw him opening up about the matter in an episode. During the conversation related to his disappearance, Tanner Fox said, “Yeah, we will talk about it on here. I got like heavily into shrooms, like psychedelics. For probably a year and a half, I was doing it like five times a week.” Further, he added,” I have not in like eight or nine months, but yeah, I got into that suck pretty heavily, and I like lost my mind for a while.”

Roman Atwood Podcast then took the chase to ask him, “Did that start before you stopped YouTube, or did you stop YouTube before you found that?”  Tanner said “It was kinda like bleeding part in the middle of it. Like it kind of assisted both I think, YouTube stopping and then that starting.” 

Tanner further explained his experience with psychedelics, saying it led to depression and a friend then suggested that he look into Psilocybin. This further led to dependence on the drug compound.

Why Did Tanner Fox stop Uploading videos on YouTube?

The channel of Tanner Fox gave him incredible success, and he decided to step back from the regular posting If he has enough money to live a more offline life. Other than discussing his drug use, though Tanner can not go into much detail about what led him to leave.

At one point, Tanner looked like might be Planning to come back to YouTube, but now, it’s unclear whether that is going to happen. For now, Fans of Tanner watching his old videos and they just hope that he may come back someday to his channel.

His return on YouTube would undoubtedly be a welcome one, but that does not mean he is guaranteed to do it. It can be taxing to feel the expectations of fans regularly, and there are plenty of reasons to avoid the internet if you have already earned money to be able to do so. Only time will tell what Tanner decides to do.

How did Tanner Fox get Famous?

Tanner Fox got famous by uploading videos of himself performing stunts on his scooter as a kid.

Who are Tanner Fox’s Parents?

Tanner’s parents, his mother’s name is Ronda Fox and his father’s name is Billy.

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