Where Is Jen Bush Now, Actor Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’, Is ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Coming Back?


If you are a fan of Vanderpump Rules then there is sad news for you because now Jen Bush Shea is not staying forever on the show. She left the show and her fans are wondering why she left the show.

Jen Bush Shea was not the main character in the show, she did only nine episodes between 2013 and 2018. After doing only nine episodes, fans love her for her character and her acting she made so many audiences in just nine episodes. 

Where Is Jen Bush Right Now?

In 2013 Jen Bush lived with her boyfriend Jeremy and worked with him at SUR. They had a son together in the same year 2013. But they got split, the reason and when they got split is unclear now.

In March 2021 she married Steve Shea and they had a daughter named Michelina in that same year in July. In September 2023 they had a son named Rocco. 

Now Jen is working with a company Primp & Play, this company won the award for the family spa it also provides event producers and birthday parties in which there is no age limit. Anyone can come there and take the enjoy of relaxation in their creative style and environment. 

Now Jen looks very happy with her husband, she posted a picture in which she wrote “You have given me a love that is more than I ever could have dreamed for. My best friend, my love, my safe space, my FAVORITE party buddy, and the most amazing father. I love doing forever with you.” Then in 2023, she posted a picture in which there is her full family she wrote “My everything, a love like no other, I’m so incredibly lucky to be your mother.”

Is ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Coming Back?

After the Scandoval scandal, “Vanderpump Rules” soared to a new level of popularity. Before the sensational drama, some believed it might be ending for good. Now, it seems too successful to fail. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from being filled with concern. Following a three-part finale in May 2024, People confirmed that the show will be coming back.

It just needs to take a short break. Seasons 10 and 11 were packed with a lot of drama, which had a notable and real impact on the cast’s lives. Additionally, Ariana Madix emerged as a breakout star due to the scandal’s attention. She went on to appear on “Dancing With the Stars” and Broadway’s “Chicago.” Essentially, she’s quite busy.

It’s also uncertain who will be returning, and whether Ariana, who is now hosting “Love Island,” will be among them. Producer Alex Baskin told Variety that the hiatus will help provide “a clearer picture a few months from now” regarding who would be best to bring back to the show, noting that the past few seasons were “such an intense experience.”

He said “I think we will do an analysis of what else we need to consider for the show — and that’s who returns, and what the complexion of the cast looks like,” and added, “I think everybody needs a little bit of time to live their lives, and then we can pick back up on them in a different spot.”

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