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Mrinalini was the spouse of Keralan designer and artist Artist Namboothiri, who passed away on July 7, 2023. She served as his frequent source of inspiration and support throughout his lengthy and illustrious career as an artist, painter, illustrationist, and surgeon.

Early Childhood and Education

In Kerala, Mrinalini was born into a Brahmin community. She was raised in a traditional family and studied Sanskrit and Ayurveda before getting married to painter Namboothiri of Karuvatta Mana Vasudevan Namboothi celebrity while taking painting lessons at Chennai Fine Arts College. They later moved together to the Malappuram neighborhood close to Nadu Vattam.

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Community and kids

Parameswaran and Vasudevan, the two sons of Mrinalini and Artist Namboothiri, carried on his musical legacy as their own artists by serving as painters and sculptors and writers and journalists, both. Each of the two brothers has two great-grandchildren and four children, whom Mrinalini adored and raised throughout her life.

Encouragement of Husband’s Art

Mrinalini was always glad of her husband’s accomplishments and accolades but preferred to let his art speak for itself. She hardly ever accompanied him to interviews or public events. She supported his interest in metal relief works and line art, which drew several characters from Malayalam literature and culture to life. In return, she helped him gather materials, prepare canvases, and plan exhibitions for his projects.

Death and Past Time

At Kottakkal Aster Mims Hospital, where her husband was receiving treatment for age-related illnesses, Mrinalini remained by his side until his last breath. His body was taken to Lalithakala Akademi in Thrissur before being cremated at its ancient site in Naduvattom, and their children and other household members bid him farewell with weeping in their eyes as it lay at the home for open court.

The tradition of her late father’s line art and copper reduction function, which immortalized memorable scenes and characters from Malayalam literature and culture, is something Mrinalini then carries with her. Her legacy may also continue to motivate future generations of writers and artists.

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