Who is Carla Bley daughter Karen Mantler ? Age, Wiki, Bio & More

Carla Bley daughter Karen Mantler

Bley Carla, a renowned jazz musician and artist who passed away recently at the age of 87, is the mother of Mantler, Karen. She has collaborated on several albums with musicians like her mother, father Mantler, Michael, and various artists in addition to being a self-described music singer and musician. She has a special vocal style and plays the piano, the instrument, and the chromatic harmonica. She attended College of Music at Berklee and was born in 1966 in New York City. Presently, she resides in Germany’s Berlin. We will go into more details about her years, website, bio, and more in this post.

Biography of Mantler, Karen

Field Information
Name Mantler, Karen
Birthdate 25 April 1966
Birthplace United States, New York City
Age( as of 2023 ) 57
Gender Female
Zodiac signal Taurus
Profession Jazz singer, songwriter, and musician
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
State / Home Town Germany’s Berlin
School N/A
College College of Music at Berklee
Educational Requirement N/A
Religion N/A
Hobbies songs, song, writing, and design
Relationship Status N/A
Boyfriend N/A
monetary value N/A

Early Childhood and Education:

Mantler, Karen was born and raised in United States, New York City, in 1966. She is the daughter of jazz eccentrics Bley Carla and Mantler, Michael. Her musical debut consisted of contributing vocals on Bley Carla’s album Escalator Over the Hill(1971) at the age of four, followed by appearing on Bley’s Tropic Appetites(1974). She then continued performing and recording on glockenspiel, organ and chromatic harmonica in many of Bley Carla’s ensembles and projects from 1977 on to the present.

She studied at the College of Music at Berklee in Boston on a scholarship from 1985-87. She moved back to New York City in 1987 where she formed her own ensemble to record her first two albums for the XtraWATT record label (distributed by ECM Records), My Cat Arnold(1989) and Mantler, Karen and Her Cat Arnold Get the Flu(1990). She currently lives in Germany’s Berlin.

Community Information:

Field Information
Father Name Mantler, Michael
Title of the mummy Bley Carla
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Wife/Husband N/A
Children N/A

Career Achievement:

Mantler, Karen has a successful career as a jazz musician, singer, and composer. She has recorded several albums with her mother, her father, and other artists. She plays the piano, the organ, and the chromatic harmonica, and has a distinctive vocal style. Some of her albums are: Farewell(XtraWATT, 1996), Pet Project(Virgin Classics, 2000), Business Is Bad(XtraWATT/14, 2014), among others.

Steve Swallow, Motohiko Hino, Terry Adams, Robbie Dupree, Artie Traum, Peter Blegvad, Chris Cutler, Dagmar Krause, Annie Whitehead, Anton Fier’s group The Golden Palominos, and Tony Scherr are just a few of the musicians with whom she has collaborated on performances and recordings. Hal Willnerproductions has likewise featured her.

Physical Information and More:

Field Information
Height( approximate ). 167 centimeters in inches
( Aproximate weight ) – 60 pounds in Pounds
Brain Form Slim
Length of the number Unknown
Colour of the eyes Brown
Scalp Color Brown
Locks Size Long
Boot Type Unknown

Grips on Social Media:

platforms for cultural internet Handle/Username
TikTok @karenmantler
Instagram @karenmantler
Twitter @karenmantler
a Facebook site Mantler, Karen

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