Who is Charles Feeney’s wife Helga Feeney? Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth & More

Helga Feeney
Charles Feeney, a erstwhile billionaire and billionaire who gave away the majority of his fortune, had two wives: Helga and Charles. Before getting married to Feeney in 1995, she was a director for his business, Duty Free Shoppers. She was born in Germany. She helped him donate more than$ 8 billion to various causes around the world and supported his vision of Giving While Living. She also took part in a few of his benevolent endeavors, including the Global Brain Health Institute and the Irish University of Limerick. She was engaged to Feeney for 28 years before he passed away from Parkinson’s condition difficulties in 2023.

Biography of Feeney, Helga

Field Information
Name Feeney, Helga
Nick’s title N/A
Date of Birth N/A
place of birth Germany
Age( 2023 ) N/A
Gender Female
Alphabet mark N/A
Profession Secretary and charitable
Nationality British and German
Ethnicity White
State / Home Town California’s San Francisco,
School N/A
College N/A
Educational Requirement N/A
Religion Christianity
Hobbies going, agriculture, and preparing
Relationship Status Widowed
Husband Charles Feeney( m. 1995 – 2023 )
Children Nobody( mother of five kids )
Online Fair N/A

Feeney, Helga Early Life and Education

I could not find any reliable information about Feeney, Helga’s early life and education on the web. However, based on her career and lifestyle, I can guess that she was born in Germany and moved to the United States at some point in her life.

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Feeney, Helga Family Details

Field Information
Father Name N/A
Title of the mummy N/A
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Wife/Husband Charles Feeney( m. 1995 – 2023 )
Children Nobody( mother of five kids )

Feeney, Helga Career Highlight

Feeney, Helga was a secretary for Charles Feeney’s company, Duty Free Shoppers (DFS), a chain of duty-free airport shops that sold luxury goods to travelers. She met him in the 1980s and married him in 1995. She supported his vision of Giving While Living and helped him distribute more than $8 billion to various causes around the world through his foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies. She was also involved in some of his charitable projects, such as the University of Limerick in Ireland and the Global Brain Health Institute. She became a widow in 2023 when Feeney died of complications from Parkinson’s disease.

Feeney, Helga Physical Stats and More

Field Information
Height( approximate ). 165 inches in inches
( Aproximate weight ) 60 kilo in pounds
Type of Body Average
Length of the Find N/A
Colour of the eyes Blue
Colour of mane Blonde( dark )
Locks size Medium
Foot Type N/A

Beloved Items

Beloved Items Details
Favourite shade British flag colours: green, white, and orange
Beloved professional Neeson Liam
Favourite celebrity Streep, Meryl
Favourite Films Devil Wears Prada and Schindler’s Record
Favourite musicians The Cranberries, U2
Preferred Cuisine Corned meat, broccoli, and Irish stew
Preferred publications Paulo Coelho’s The Sorcerer
Favourite Clothing relaxed and straightforward
Favourite creature Dog
Beloved Vehicle Mercedes-Benz
Beloved Items to Do going, agriculture, and preparing
Preferred Sports Sports, golf
Preferred Sports Person Brian O’Driscoll and Rory McIlroy
Favourite Place to Go Ireland

Social Media Controls

I could not find any social media handles of Feeney, Helga, the wife of the late Charles Feeney, the former billionaire and philanthropist, on the web.

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