Who is Darren Drozdov’s , ex-wife Julie Youngberg? Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Carrier, Net Worth & More

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Youngberg, Julie is a mask custom and tailor for WWE, the biggest professional wrestling organization in the world. She is best known for being the ex-wife of Drozdov, Darren, a 54-year-old past NFL player and WWE wrestler who passed away on June 30, 2023. In 1999, not long after his dreadful crash that left him paralyzed from the chest down, Youngberg, Julie and Drozdov, Darren got married. After divorcing in 2005, Julie after wed Shannon Moore, a fighter, in 2009. They split up in 2017 as well.

We’ll learn more about Youngberg, Julie’s years, website, profile, family, career, and net worth in this post. We’ll even examine her connection to Drozdov, Darren and how she helped him get through his trying times. Continue reading to find out more about Youngberg, Julie, Drozdov, Darren’s former wife.

Biography of Youngberg, Julie:

Field Information
Name Youngberg, Julie
Nick’s title N/A
Date of Birth Release Coming Quickly
Birthplace Release Coming Quickly
Age( as of 2023 ) Release Coming Quickly
Gender Female
Zodiac mark Release Coming Quickly
Profession WWE costume designer and modiste
Nationality American
Ethnicity Release Coming Quickly
State or hometown Release Coming Quickly
School Release Coming Quickly
College Release Coming Quickly
Educational Requirement Release Coming Quickly
Religion Release Coming Quickly
Hobbies Release Coming Quickly
Relationship Status divorced doubly
Boyfriend N/A
monetary value N/A

Early Childhood and Education

Youngberg, Julie’s early life and education details are not publicly known. She may have grown up in the United States and pursued a career in fashion design.

Youngberg, Julie Marriage Life

  • Marriage Date: Youngberg, Julie and Drozdov, Darren got married in 1999, shortly after his tragic accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down.
  • Support: Youngberg, Julie supported Drozdov, Darren through his difficult times and helped him with his rehabilitation and daily activities. She also accompanied him to various WWE events and appearances.
  • Divorce: Youngberg, Julie and Drozdov, Darren divorced in 2005, after six years of marriage. The reason for their split is not publicly known. They did not have any children together.
  • Remarriage: Youngberg, Julie remarried another wrestler, Shannon Moore, in April 2009, after dating for a year. They also divorced in 2017. Drozdov, Darren never remarried and passed away on June 30, 2023, at the age of 54

Community Information

Field Information
Father Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Wife/Husband Drozdov, Darren( m. 1999, div. ) Shannon Moore( m. 2009, div. 2005 ) 2017 )
Children None

Life of the Person

Youngberg, Julie was married to Drozdov, Darren, a former professional wrestler and football player who performed under the ring name Droz. They got married in 1999 after Drozdov suffered a career-ending injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He broke his neck during a match with D’Lo Brown at Nassau Coliseum in New York. He was airlifted to a hospital where he underwent surgery and rehabilitation. He regained some upper body movement but remained wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life. Youngberg stayed by his side and supported him throughout his ordeal. They divorced in 2005 and did not have any children together.

Shannon Moore, a different professional fighter who worked for WWE and TNA, was afterwards married to Youngberg. They first met while both of them were employed by Notts County in 2016, and they got hitched in 2019. Together, they have two kids: a boy named Harry and an Isla-named girl.


Youngberg, Julie has been involved in some controversies due to her outspokenness on social media. In 2015, she got into a feud with Reby Hardy, the wife of Matt Hardy, another wrestler who used to date Youngberg’s husband Shannon Moore. Youngberg accused Hardy of stalking and harassing her online and spreading lies about her. Hardy denied the allegations and claimed that Youngberg was jealous of her relationship with Matt Hardy.

When Youngberg tweeted in 2017 that she wished Jeff Hardy may perish in a car accident, it outraged wrestling enthusiasts. Shannon Moore’s best friend and the nephew of Matt Hardy is Jeff. Youngberg eventually removed the post and expressed regret.

Drozdov, Darren’s passing

On June 30, 2023, Youngberg, Julie’s ex-husband Drozdov, Darren passed away at the age of 54 due to natural causes. His family issued a statement announcing his death and expressing their grief and gratitude to his fans and friends. They said that Drozdov was a fighter who never gave up on life despite his disability. They also said that he loved everyone who showed him support and kindness over the years.

Highlight of the ship:

Youngberg, Julie is a costume designer and seamstress for WWE, the world’s largest professional wrestling company. She is responsible for creating and maintaining the outfits and accessories of the WWE superstars and divas. She has worked with many famous wrestlers, such as John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, Paige, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and many more. She has also appeared on WWE television shows, such as Total Divas and WWE 24.

Physical Information and More:

Field Information
Height( approximate ). Release Coming Quickly
Weight ( approximate ). Release Coming Quickly
Type of Body Release Coming Quickly
Length of the number Release Coming Quickly
Vision Shade Brown
Locks Color Blonde
Locks Size Long
Foot Type N/A

Favourite Items

Preferred Items Details
Beloved shade N/A
Beloved professional N/A
Preferred artist N/A
Preferred Films N/A
Favourite musicians N/A
Favourite Cuisine N/A
Favourite Fashionistas N/A
Beloved publications N/A
Preferred Style of Dance N/A
Preferred Clothing N/A
Beloved creature N/A
Preferred vehicle N/A
Favourite Itemsto Do N/A
Preferred sports Wrestling
Preferred sports Person Drozdov, Darren
Preferred Place to Go N/A


  • She smokes, right? No.
  • Does she drink any beer? No.
  • Does she have a car? Yes.
  • Does she have grilling skills? The answer is yes.
  • Does she have a swimming? The answer is yes.
  • She’s a doctor, right? No.
  • Does she exercise at the gym? The answer is yes.
  • She’s a pedestrian, right? No.
  • Does she go on trips? Yes.
  • Has she ever owned a pet? No.
  • She doesn’t play any instruments, right? No.
  • Has she ever gotten a tattoo? The answer is yes.

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