Who is Dwight Twilley’s wife Jan Allison?

Dwight Twilley’s wife Jan Allison

With his hit song” I’m on Fire ,” singer-songwriter Dwight Twilley became well-known in the 1970s. Additionally, he invented the” Tulsa Sound ,” a fusion of rock, pop, and country music that had an impact on many musicians. Who was the person who created this artistic legend, though? Jan Allison, Dwight Twilley’s woman, is the subject of this short article.

Dwight Twilley’s passion of his career was Jan Allison. They first connected in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they both grew up and had a love of music. Throughout their journey together, Jan supported Dwight’s occupation and frequently went on his trips and travels with him. She served as both his ideas and muse for some of his songs, including” Women” and” You Were So Warm.”

Jan and Dwight had a close relationship that lasted for many years. Despite numerous difficulties and setbacks, including Dwight’s throw in 2019 and his car crash in 2023, they never gave up on one another. On October 18, 2023, Dwight happily passed away from this world with Jan by his side, surrounded by close companions.

Jan Allison was more than just the woman of Dwight Twilley. She served as his soul mate, companion, and spouse. She contributed to his music tradition and brought him happiness and solace. She will always be regarded as the person who ignited Dwight Twilley’s passion.

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