Who is Enrique Tarrio (Ex-Proud Boys leader)? Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Career, Net Worth & More

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Enrique Tarrio is a Cuban-American activist and entrepreneur who previously served as the Proud Boys’ head. This group is far-right, neo-fascist, and exclusively for men. On October 8, 1984, in Florida’s Miami and the USA, he was born. He will be 39 years olderer in 2023. Additionally, he co-founded and is the leader of the Trump-supporting Latinos for Trump Democratic Party.

He has been involved in a number of legal disputes and controversies, including organizing violent protests, setting fire to the Black Lives Matter standard, selling goods that made fun of the Holocaust, and serving as an FBI agent. After being given a five-month prison term for burning the Black Lives Matter standard and owning high-capacity rifle magazines, he resigned from his position as the Proud Boys’ leader in November 2021. Here is a thorough history of Enrique Tarrio that includes information on his time, website, bio, family, career, and net value.

Biography of Enrique Tarrio:

Enrique Tarrio BioEnrique Tarrio information
NameEnrique Tarrio
Name NickHenry
Date of Birth20 October 1984
BirthplaceFlorida’s Miami and the USA
Age( 2023 )39 years older
Zodiac signalLibra
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Advocate
State / Home TownFlorida’s Miami and the USA
Educational RequirementUnknown
Relationship StatusSingle
monetary value( Estimated )$ 1 million

Enrique Tarrio Early Life and Education

Enrique Tarrio was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He is the son of Cuban immigrants who fled the communist regime of Fidel Castro. He has a brother named Joseph, who is also a member of the Proud Boys. He attended a local school in Miami and completed his education there. He did not pursue any higher studies and started working as a salesman and a security guard.

Enrique Tarrio Family Details

Enrique Tarrio FamilyInfromation
Name of the FatherUnknown
Mother’s NameUnknown
Brother(s)Theodore Tarrio

Enrique Tarrio Career Highlight:

Enrique Tarrio is a businessman who owns several companies, such as 1776 Merchandise, which sells clothing and accessories related to the Proud Boys and other right-wing groups. He also owns Warboys LLC, which sells CBD products, and Fund the West LLC, which raises money for the Proud Boys. Enrique Tarrio also runs a website called The Free Speech Times, which publishes news and opinions from a conservative perspective.

Enrique Tarrio is also a political activist who has been associated with the Proud Boys since 2017. He became the leader of the group in 2018 after its founder Gavin McInnes stepped down. He has led the group in various rallies, protests and clashes with antifa and other left-wing groups across the US. He has also endorsed and supported former President Donald Trump and his policies. Enrique Tarrio has been arrested several times for his involvement in violence, vandalism and conspiracy.

Enrique Tarrio resigned from his position as the leader of the Proud Boys in August 2021 after he was exposed as an FBI informant who had cooperated with the authorities in several cases involving drug trafficking, gambling and human smuggling . He claimed that he had done so to reduce his sentence for his own crimes and that he had not betrayed the Proud Boys. However, many members of the group felt betrayed and angry by his revelation and demanded his removal. Enrique Tarrio was replaced by Ethan Nordean as the new leader of the group.

Enrique Tarrio Physical Stats and More:

Enrique Tarrio StatsEnrique Tarrio Information
( Aproximate height )180 inches in meters
( Aproximate weight )85 pounds in Pounds
Type of bodyMuscular
Length of the Find44, 36, and 40 cm
Vision ShadeBrown
Colour of hairBlack
Hair DurationBald
Foot Type11( US )

Enrique Tarrio Favourite Items

Enrique Tarrio Favourite ItemsDetails
Beloved ColorBlack
Favourite professionalEastwood, Clint
Favourite artistJolie Angelina
Preferred FilmsRambo, The Patriot, and Dirty Harry
Beloved musiciansMetallica, Guns N’ Roses, and AC / DC
Preferred CuisinePizza, Burgers, and Brisket
Preferred FashionistasRalph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger
Favourite publicationsThe Turner Diaries by William Luther Pierce, The Wellspring by Ayn Rand, and The Art of War by Sun Tzu
Beloved Style of DanceN/A
Beloved ClothingLoyal and everyday
Favourite creatureEagle
Preferred VehicleMustang Ford
Favourite Items to DoFighting, protesting, and rallying
Beloved SportsFootball, grapple, and packing
Beloved Sports PersonTom Brady, Hulk Hogan, and Mike Tyson
Favorite Place to GoFlorida, Texas, and Washington, D. C.

Enrique Tarrio Lifestyle

Enrique Tarrio lives a controversial and adventurous lifestyle with his fellow Proud Boys in Miami. He smokes and consumes alcohol occasionally. He drives a Mustang Ford car. He does not know how to cook and prefers to eat out or order food. He can swim and likes to go to the beach with his friends. He is not a practitioner of any specific discipline or art form.

He often visits the gym and keeps his fitness up by engaging in cardio and weight training. He doesn’t move much, but he occasionally enjoys running. He travels to different locations with his team for demonstrations or other occasions. He does not own any animals. Enrique Tarrio doesn’t play any instruments, but he enjoys listening to music. The Proud Boys brand, the American flag, and the Caribbean pin are just a few of the tattoo he has on his system.

Enrique Tarrio Social Media Controls

Enrique Tarrio Social Media SiteHandle/Username
Page on Facebook[EnriqueTarrio]

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