Who is Former CBS2 journalist Arnold Diaz wife Shawn Diaz ?

Arnold Diaz wife Shawn Diaz

Arnold Diaz, a previous CBS2 columnist who passed away at the age of 74 on October 25, 2023, is married to Shawn Diazz. What is known about her and her marriage to her partner is as follows:

    In 1998, when they were both 20 times older, Shawn Diaz wed Arnold Diz. At Southern Illinois University, where they both majored in architecture, they first met. After graduating, they relocated to Florida and joined Bob Davenport, Arnold’s parents, RGD Consulting Engineers.

  • Shawn Diaz collaborated with her father, who later rose to the position of president of RGD Consulting Engineers, as a project supervisor. For a variety of projects, including institutions, colleges, hotels, and airports, they specialized in structural, electrical, plumbing, structural engineering.
  • Nicole, Tayler, Morgan, and Kelli were the four kids Shawn and Arnold Diaz had up. They raised their relatives in Jupiter, Florida, where they delighted in boating, fishing, and socializing with friends and family.
  • Shawn Diaz backed her father’s enthusiasm for research and media. One of the first hdtv information consumer watchdogs was Arnold Diaz. He started the” Shame on You” series at CBS2, where he exposed error and gave those in need a speech. Additionally, he worked for Fox 5, ABC News, and PIX11. For his coverage, he received more than 40 Emmys.
  • Shawn Diaz shared her father’s devotion to God. Both of them were devoted Christians who went to the Palm Beach Gardens Christ Fellowship Church. Additionally, they offered their services to a number of companies and generous factors.
  • Shawn Diaz lost her husband on October 25, 2023, after he passed away from multiple myeloma, a type of carcinoma. He had undergone treatment and a stem cell transplant after being diagnosed with the illness in 2019. Up until his passing, he kept his situation a secret.
  • On his Instagram account, which had more than 186, 000 enthusiasts, Shawn Diaz announced the passing of her husband. It is with great anguish that I inform you that my cherished father Arnold has passed away, she wrote. He was a journalistic warrior who sacrificed his life. He was an excellent husband, father, brother, sibling, friend, and engineer. More than anything, he loved God and his relatives. Many of the people who loved him did miss him. [ Needs citation ]
  • Fans and friends of Shawn Diaz’s husband showered her with help and sympathies. Many of them praised him for his dignity and bravery. For her and her kids, they even made prayers and gifts. [ Needs citation ]
  • Shawn Diaz resides in Jupiter, Florida, and is currently 45 years older. She is caring for her kids while also dealing with the loss of her father. Along with her brother-in-law Mike Bishop, she is still employed by RGD Consulting Engineers. [ Needs citation ]

Arnold Diaz, a previous CBS2 columnist who passed away at the age of 74, is married to Shawn Diazz. She is also the family of their four kids, who have pursued careers in news and engineering like their father did. She is an extraordinary person with a rich and full lifestyle.

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