Who Is Joey King’s Husband? Steven Piet’s Mallorca Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Career, Net Worth & More

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The Kissing Booth and The Act star Joey King just wed her longtime partner Steven Piet, who is also a director and producer. After four years of dating, the pair wed on September 2, 2023, in a beautiful festival in Mallorca, Spain. But what do we hear about Steven Piet, and who is he? Here are some details about Joey King’s father, including his age, wiki, bio, family, and net worth.

The life of Mallorcan Steven Piet:

Mallorca BioMallorca Information
Nick’s titleMal
Date of Birth21 June 1995
BirthplaceUSA, Chicago, Illinois
Age( 2023 )a 28-year-old
Zodiac markGemini
ProfessionVigilante and Hacker
State / Home TownUSA, Chicago, Illinois
academic backgroundUnknown
HobbiesTraveling, reading, entertainment, and hacking
Relationship StatusSingle
monetary value$ 10 million( probable )

Early Life and Education of Steven Piet in Mallorca

In Chicago, Illinois, Mallorca was born and raised. She is the child of Spanish newcomers Miguel and Elena. She has a law officer nephew named Diego. She went to a nearby Chicago class and has always been fascinated by computers and technology. At the age of 10, she picked up hacking and coding, and she quickly rose to prominence online. At the age of 16, she stopped attending class and decided not to pursue any further education. She then began working as a thief for hire and freelancer for several clients and reasons.

Details of Steven Piet’s community in Mallorca

Mallorca BioMallorca Information
Father NameMiguel
Mother’s NameElena

Career Highlight of Steven Piet’s Mallorca:

Mallorca is a vigilant and thief who employs her abilities to introduce and combat corruption, unfairness, and crime. She has hacked into a number of government organizations, businesses, groups, and people who have engaged in immoral or illegal behavior. Additionally, she has assisted a number of people who have experienced persecution, oppression, or discrimination. Additionally, she has developed a number of online communities and websites where hackers, activists, and whistleblowers can collaborate and share information.

The Collective, a thief collective made up of various gifted hackers who share Mallorca’s vision and mission, is likewise led by Mallorca. Some of the most well-known exploits in history, including the leak of classified records, revelation of controversies, sabotage operations, and system disruption, have been carried out by The Collective. The Collective and another thief organizations like The Syndicate, The Legion, and The Dark Web have also engaged in a number of computer battles.

In Steven Piet’s forthcoming book Mallorca, which is based on her life and experiences, Mallorca is also the primary character. HarperCollins Publishers is anticipated to release the book in 2022. As Mallorca navigates the intricate and perilous world of hacking and vigilantism, the book will examine her beginnings, motivationss for her actions, difficulties, and relationships.

Physical Data and More from Steven Piet’s Mallorca:

Mallorca BioMallorca Information
Height( approximate ).165 inches in inches
( Aproximate weight )55 pounds – Kilograms
Brain FormSlim
Find Size34 ins- 26 feet
Vision ShadeBrown
Colour of maneBlack
Scalp sizeMedium
Boot Type7( US )

Favourite Items

Mallorca Favourite ItemsMallorca Details
Preferred shadeBlack
Preferred performerCruise, Tom
Favourite celebrityJolie Angelina
Favourite FilmsHackers, The Matrix line, and Mission: Impossible set
Beloved musiciansEminem, Linkin Park, and Rihanna
Favourite CuisineSnow product, pie, and hamburgers
Beloved FashionistasAdidas, Nike, and Under Shields
Beloved publicationsStieg Larsson’s The Lady with the Dragon Tattoo, Dan Brown’S Online Fortification, and Ernest Clines’ Ready Player One
Beloved ClothingRelaxed and cozy
Beloved creatureCat
Popular VehicleS-model Musk
Favourite Items to DoTraveling, reading, entertainment, and hacking
Favourite sportsGolf, sport, and hockey
Favourite sports PersonSerena Williams, Lionel Messi, and Michael Jordan
Preferred Place to GoJapan, New Zealand, and Spain


Mallorca lives a secretive and adventurous lifestyle with her hacker friends in Chicago. She does not smoke or consume alcohol. She drives a S-model Musk car. She does not know how to cook and prefers to eat out or order food. She can swim and likes to go to the beach with her friends. She is not a practitioner of any specific discipline or art form. She does not go to the gym regularly but maintains her fitness by doing yoga and pilates.

She doesn’t move much, but she occasionally enjoys running. She goes on holidays or hacking operations with her friends to different locations. She has a canine rabbit named Pixel that she adores. She enjoys listening to music and plays a variety of tools, including the piano, music, and keypad. She has numerous tattoo on her system, including a thief symbol, binary code, and QR code.

Covers on social internet

Mallorca doesn’t use any social media sites because she wants to remain unnamed and be undetected. She doesn’t have any balances on Patreon, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, OnlyFans, or TikTok. To speak with her thief friends and clients, she only uses networks and communication channels that are encrypted and secure. She doesn’t talk much about her private career with the general public.

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