Who is Kashmiri Papier-Mache artist Riyaz Khan? Age, Wiki, Family, Career, Net Worth & More

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Riyaz Khan is a Himalayan papier-mache artist who produces intricate and detailed designs that depict scenes from the Mughal judge, Quranic verses in Arabic, Persian poetry, and Kashmir’s well-known tourist destinations. He enhances the beauty of his merchandise with gold leaf and natural colors. Additionally, he belongs to the Kashmir Papier-Mache Association, which promotes the rights of craftspeople. More information about Riyaz Khan’s life, age, wiki, family, career, and net worth will be provided in this article. Additionally, we’ll keep you informed of the most recent information and advancements regarding his living and accomplishments. Discover more about this gifted and driven musician by reading on.

Biography of Riyaz Khan:

Riyaz Khan BioRiyaz Khan Information
NameAhmad Riyaz Khan
Name NickN/A
Beginning Time15 July 1972
place of birthIndia’s Srinagar, Kashmir
Age( as of 2023 )51 times older
Zodiac markCancer
Professionperformer of paper – mache
State / Home TownIndia’s Srinagar, Kashmir
Educational RequirementN/A
Hobbiestraveling, studying, and picture
Relationship StandingMarried
Net WorthN/A

First life and education of Riyaz Khan

Riyaz Khan was born on 15 July 1972, in India’s Srinagar, Kashmir. He is the son of Abdul Rashid Khan and Fatima Khan, who were both papier-mache artists. He has two brothers and a sister. He grew up in a family of artisans and learned the art of papier-mache from his father and grandfather. He did not attend formal school but was educated at home by his mother. He developed a passion for papier-mache and started creating his own designs at a young age.

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Information about Riyaz Khan’s community

Name of the Father( Paper-mâché artist Abdul Rashid Khan )
Title of the mummyFatima Khan, a paper-mâché actor
Brother(s)Two( names unknown )
Sister(s)One ( unknown name )

Job Show for Riyaz Khan:

Riyaz Khan began working as a papier-mâché musician when he was just 15 years old. He joined his father’s shop and picked up the necessary knowledge and methods. Additionally, he experimented with various designs and styles before creating his own distinctive look. He is renowned for his elaborate and meticulous designs that feature scenes from the Mughal court, Quranic Persian verses, Persian poetry, and Kashmir’s most well-known tourist destinations. He uses silver leaves and natural tones to accentuate the beauty of his creations.

He has taken part in numerous seminars and events both domestically and abroad, and his work has received numerous honors and accolades. Additionally, he has taught a lot of fresh craftspeople and students the craft of papier-mâché. To advance and protect the arts kind, he has worked with a number of organizations and institutions. Additionally, he is a part of the Kashmir Papier-Mache Association, which promotes the well-being of workers.

Riyaz Khan has produced a wide range of goods, including furniture, jewelry, vases, bowls, tray, containers, lights, and wall hangings. His goods are offered for purchase in a number of businesses and online stores, including MeMeraki. Some art lovers and connoisseurs all over the world even purchase his works.

Physical Information and More about Riyaz Khan:

Riyaz Khan Physical InformationInformation
( Aproximate height )170 inches in meters
( Aproximate weight )65 pounds in Pounds
Scalp ColorBlack
Locks sizeShort
Colour of the eyesBrown
Brain FormAverage

Riyaz Khan Beloved Items

Riyaz Khan itemsInformation
Preferred shadeBlue
Favourite performerBachan Amitabh
Preferred artistDixit Madhuri
Preferred filmSholay
Beloved ActivityCricket
Preferred musicianRafi Mohammad
Favourite trackTumne Jo Dil Ko Chura Liya Hai
Beloved CuisineJosh Rogan
Favourite GarmentsKurta Pyjamas
Favourite attireconventional clothing
Beloved Items to Dotraveling, studying, and picture
Foods PracticeNon-vegetarian

Riyaz Khan Lifestyle

  • Is he a smoker? No.
  • Does he drink any beer? No.
  • He drives, right? No.
  • Does he have any eating skills? No.
  • Is he a swimmer? No.
  • Is he a doctor? No.
  • Does he exercise at the gym? No.
  • Does he run? No.
  • Does he go on trips? The answer is yes.
  • Has he ever owned a pet? No.
  • He plays any tools, right? No.
  • Is he tattooed in any way? No.

Grips on Social Media of Riyaz Khan

There are no social media accounts for Riyaz Khan. He would rather concentrate on his work and stay away from the obstacles of the online world. He claims that since his goods speak for themselves, he does not require any social media to promote his work. He adds that he values his privacy and dignity and does not want to make his private life people. Riyaz Khan claims that his online interactions with his clients and admirers, who support him and appreciate his skill, have made him happy.

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