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Past Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten was a part of the infamous cult that was led by Charles Mansons and carried out numerous murders in 1969. She was found guilty of taking part in the murders of the wealthy Los Angeles few Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. She was given a death sentence, but was eventually given the option of life in prison. She served more than 50 years in prison before being granted parole on July 11, 2023, following a protracted and contentious legal fight.

Leslie Van Houten’s existence and crimes, time, wiki, family, husband, career, and net worth will all be covered in this post. We’ll also take a look at the most recent information regarding her launch and probation. Continue reading to learn more about this intriguing and divisive person.

Biography of Leslie Van Houten

Field Information
Name Louise Van Houten, Leslie
Nick’s brand Lulu
Birth Date 23 August 1949
Birthplace California’s Altadena, in the U.S.
Age( as of 2023 ) 74
Gender Female
Zodiac signal Virgo
Profession N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Scots, French, German, English, and British ancestry
State / Home Town California’s Altadena, in the U.S.
School Monrovia High School in the state of California
College N/A
Educational Requirement high school graduate
Religion N/A
Hobbies N/A
Relationship Position Divorced
Boyfriend N/A
Net Worth N/A

Early Childhood and Education

  • She grew up in a middle-class churchgoing home with an older sibling and two Asian adopted siblings.
  • Her parents split up when she was 14 years old. Around the age of 15, she started using LSD, Benzedrine, and hash. After briefly escaping, she went back to finish high school.
  • She claimed that when she became pregnant later at the age of 17, her mother gave her the go-ahead to have an abortion and destroy the aborted child in their garden. After this incident, according to Van Houten, she felt quite distant from her mother and harbored a great deal of resentment toward her.
  • She briefly became interested in yoga and enrolled in a year-long administrative program, but after that, she adopted the hippie lifestyle and moved into communes.
  • She graduated from Monrovia High School in the state of California in 1967. She was elected Homecoming Princess while attending the school.

Leslie Van Houten, a former Manson believer, was released from prison after 53 times.

Leslie Van Houten, a former Charles Manson supporter who was responsible for two heinous deaths in 1969, was released from prison on Tuesday after spending 53 years in prison. Rosemary LaBianca was killed by Van Houten, a 19-year-old woman who joined the Manson religion, and her husband, Leno, was murdered at their Los Angeles home by another member. A state appeals court granted Van Houten parole in May after the governor’s business constantly blocked it. Van Houten, who is currently 73 years old, did reside in a transitional housing system and be subject to parole. She was the first member of the Manson home to be released from prison after being found guilty of murder.

Family Information

Field Information
Name of the Father Van Houten, Paul
Mother’s Name Jane( also known as Edwards )
Brother(s) Unfamiliar older brother
Sister(s) One Korean adopted sister( name unknown )
Wife/Husband William Syvin( divorced )( August 23, 1982– October 26, 1982 )
Children None

Existence of Leslie Van Houten and William Syvin in marriage

William Syvin was the only father of Leslie Van Houten. He knew Charles Manson and was also incarcerated. They were wed while incarcerated on August 23, 1982. They were able to see each other and share a bed, but on October 26, 1982, after two weeks, they parted ways. Nobody is sure why they split up, but some believe Syvin wanted to assist Van Houten in escaping from prison. When the police discovered a detention officer’s clothes in his place, Van Houten said she had stopped speaking with Syvin because she was unaware of his scheme. After Syvin, Van Houten did never wed somebody else, and she remained one until 2023, when she was released from prison.

Highlight of the provider:

  • Van Houten moved in with Catherine Share, Bobby Beausoleil, and another person during the summer of 1968 after spending a few months in the village in Northern California. After enmity-filled arguments, the four split up, and Share left to join Charles Manson’s village. Van Houten, who was 19 at the time, followed Share.
  • She called her family at this point to inform her that she was quitting school and wouldn’t be speaking to her any longer. Manson made a decision about when they would have, slumber, and engage in sexual activity. Additionally, he was in charge of administering larger quantities of LSD to his supporters.
  • In connection with the 1969 murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, Van Houten was detained and charged. She was found guilty and given the death penalty. Her sentence was commuted to life in prison after the California Supreme Court ruled in People fivesome. Anderson in 1972 that the death sentence was illegal.
  • Her faith was later overturned in an appellate court ruling from 1976 that allowed for a retrial. Her next trial resulted in a trial and an impasse with the jurors. She was found guilty of two matters of murder and one count of conspiracy at her second trial in 1978, and she was given a seven-year sentence to life in prison.
  • After being denied password numerous times since 1982, she was granted parole in 2023.

Physical Information and More:

Field Information
( Aproximate height ) inches per inches
( Aproximate weight ) Pounds – kilogram
Brain Type N/A
Find Dimension N/A
Vision Shade Blue
Colour of mane Blonde
Hair Size Long
Boot Type N/A

Preferred Items

Preferred Items Details
Favourite Color N/A
Beloved professional N/A
Favourite artist N/A
Favourite Films N/A
Favourite musicians N/A
Preferred Cuisine N/A
Preferred Fashionistas N/A
Favourite publications N/A
Favourite Style of Dance N/A
Favourite Clothing N/A
Beloved creature N/A
Preferred Vehicle N/A
Preferred Items to Do N/A
Preferred sports N/A
Preferred sports Person N/A
Beloved Location N/A


  • She smokes, right? N / A
  • Does she drink any drinking? N / A
  • Does she have a car? | N / A
  • Does she have any eating skills? N / A
  • Does she have a swimming? N / A
  • She’s a doctor, right? N / A
  • Does she exercise at the gym? | N / A
  • She’s a guy, right? | N / A
  • She travels, right? | N / A
  • Has she ever owned a pet? N / A
  • She doesn’t play any instruments, right? | N / A
  • Does she possess any ink? Yes, her left shoulder bears a scar of bamboo and ocean waves.

Handles on Social Media

Social Media Site Handle/Username
TikTok N/A
Instagram  N/A
Twitter N/A
Page on Facebook N/A
YouTube N/A
Snapchat N/A
OnlyFans N/A
Reddit N/A
LinkedIn N/A
Discord N/A
Patreon N/A

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