Who is Manoj Muntashir Wife Neelam Muntashir? Age, Wiki, Bio, Husband, Family, Height, Carrier & More

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Neelam Muntamar is a writer and producer. She and her husband have worked together on a number of projects, including Om Namah Shivay (2021), Kahani Ho Jayenge (2020), and Lal Chunariya (2022). Manoj Muntashir is a famous poet, lyricist, and screenwriter who has written some of the most well-known Bollywood songs, including Galliyan, Tere Sang Yaara, Kaun Tujhe, and Teri Mitti.

However, she has also come under fire for allegedly endorsing communist ideologies and supporting Islamic reporters like Rana Ayyub, as evidenced by some old pictures of her tweets that went viral on social media. This post will look at her age, website, profile, level, family, spouse, ship, net worth, and more. Continue reading to learn more about the person who is speaking.

Biography of Neelam Muntashir:

NameNeelam Muntashir
Nick NameN/A
BirthplaceBareilly, Uttar Pradesh
Age( as of 2023 )43 years
Zodiac signalN/A
Express or hometownN/A
Educational RequirementN/A
Relationship StatusMarried
Net WorthN/A

Early Childhood and Education Of Neelam Muntashir

About Neelam Muntashir’s earlier life and education, not much is known. Neelam Muntashir is married to Manoj Muntashir, a well-known poet, and writer who has written some of the most recognizable Bollywood songs, including Kaun Tujhe, Galliyan, Tere Sang Yaara.

Family Information Of Neelam Muntashir

Father NameN/A
Title of the familyN/A
Wife/HusbandManoj Muntashir (poet, song, and screenwriter.)
ChildrenA boy named Aaru

Carrier Highlight Of Neelam Muntashir:

Neelam Muntashir wife of Manoj Muntashir is a writer who has collaborated on a few projects with her husband Manoj Muntashir. She is the author of the lyrics Lal Chunariya from the Saina ( 2021 ) song, the song win the best lyrics National Film Award. Additionally, she wrote the script for Kahani Ho Jayenge( 2020 ), a web series with Manoj Muntashir narrated stories.

Physical Information and More About Neelam Muntashir:

Height( approximate ).5 feet 4 inches
( Aproximate weight )N/A
Type of bodyN/A
Length of the numberN/A
Colour of the eyesBlack
Colour of hairBlack
Hair sizeN/A
Length of shoesN/A

Favourite Thinks Of Neelam Muntashir

Favourite ColorN/A
Beloved performerN/A
Preferred artistN/A
Preferred FilmsN/A
Favourite musiciansN/A
Preferred CuisineN/A
Beloved FashionistasN/A
Beloved publicationsN/A
Favourite Style of DanceN/A
Beloved ClothingN/A
Beloved creatureN/A
Preferred vehicleN/A
Favourite Items to DoN/A
Favourite SportsN/A
Favourite Sports PersonN/A
Favourite Place to GoN/A

Lifestyle Of Neelam Muntashir

Does Neelam Muntashir use tobacco?N/A
Does Neelam Muntashir have a car?N/A
Does Neelam Muntashir practice medicine?N/A
Does Neelam Muntashir have eating skills?N/A
Does Neelam Muntashir have a swim?N/A
Does Neelam Muntashir have a swim?N/A
Does Neelam Muntashir exercise at the gym?N/A
Neelam Muntashir is a pedestrian, right?N/A
Neelam Muntashir travels, right?N/A
Has Neelam Muntashir ever owned a pet?N/A
Neelam Muntashir doesn’t play any instruments, right?N/A
Does Neelam Muntashir possess any ink?No

Social Media Handels Of Neelam Muntashir

Social Media SiteHandle/Username
TikTokNot Active
Instagram Active
Page on FacebookActive
YouTubeNot Active
SnapchatNot Active
OnlyFansNot Active
RedditNot Active
LinkedInNot Active
DiscordNot Active
PatreonNot Active

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Who Are The Children Of Neelam Muntashir?

Neelam Muntashir wife of Manoj Muntashir has only one son named Aaru.

Which Movies Are Written By Neelam Muntashir?

Neelam Muntashir is known for the Kahani Ho Jayenge (2020), Khalish (2021), and Lal Chunariya (2021).


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