Who Is Michaela Stirling In Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2? Character Explored

Michaela Stirling In Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2

A new actress joins the famous series, “Bridgerton Universe”. She was a South African actress her debut in the Netflix series “Bridgerton” in Season 3 Part 2. She plays the role of Michaela Stirling, the cousin of John Stirling and wife of Francesca Bridgerton.

Michaela’s character was introduced in the season 3 finale and is a gender-exchanged version of Michael Stirling from Julia Quinn’s book “When He Was Wicked,” where Michael falls in love with and marries Francesca after John’s death.

What Role Does Michaela Stirling Play in The Series

In the 3rd season of Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” Masali Baduza plays the role of Michaela Stirling, a character who changes the story. She is the cousin of John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin, who recently married Francesca Bridgerton. Michaela’s arrival very much impacts Francesca’s story, differing from the original book series by Julia Quinn. Notably, Michaela Sterling was the male character in the books and a woman in the series, allowing for a queer storyline that is a core aspect of the show’s commitment to inclusivity and showcasing diverse love stories.

Who is Misani Baduza? (character of Bridgerton as Michaela Stirling)

Masali Baduza is a South African actress who worked in various films and television series. She was born on March 12, 1996, in East London, South Africa, and she grew up in Cape Town. She studied in Los Angeles, California. Baduza knows English as well as isiXhosa (official language of South Africa).

About the Netflix series Bridgerton

The Bridgerton was a beautiful drama series. It premiered on Netflix in 2020. It has fascinated audiences across the world. It shows amazing visuals, various representations, and emotional storytelling. The show is based on Julia Quinn’s loved novels and follows the lives and romantic involvement of the Bridgerton family and their high-society equal in Regency-era London.

Every season shows a different Bridgerton sibling’s story to find love. In the first season Daphne and the Duke in Hastings, the second showed Anthony and Kate Sharma’s enemies-to-lovers arc, and the upcoming third season will show  Penelope Featherington’s quest to find a husband while maintaining her secret identity as Lady Whistledown.

The series has been known for its very good visuals, various representations, and emotional storytelling. With its record-breaking viewership and cultural impact, the Bridgerton Universe has become a special addition to the Netflix library. Fans eagerly await the continuation of this lovely romance saga.


She completed her graduation from the New York Academy in 2016. And her debut on Big-Screen in a Bollywood-inspired film “Bhai’s Cafe in the year 2016, and also appeared in various series like “Noughts + Crosses” of the “BBC drama series”, “Tracker” and the film “The Women King”.


Who was the new character of the series, Bridgerton?

Masali Baduza, as Michaela Sterling was the new character of the series.

Who was Masali Baduza?

Masali Baduza is a South African actress.

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