Who is Nikki McCray’s husband, Thomas Penson? Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Carrier, Net Worth & More

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Sports story Nikki McCray was the coach of a national championship, recipient of three WNBA All-Star selections, and two Olympic gold medals. She was a devoted mother and wife who spent ten years fighting breast cancers. Unfortunately, she passed away on July 7, 2023, at the age of 51. But who was the gentleman by her side throughout everything? Who is Penson, Thomas, Nikki McCray’s father? We will fill you in on all the information you need to know about Penson, Thomas in this post, including his years, website, profile, family, career, and net value. We’ll also discuss some of the most recent information and updates regarding his life since the death of his cherished family. Continue reading to learn more about Nikki McCray’s partner, Penson, Thomas.

Penson, Thomas, the father of Nikki McCray, Biography Profile

Field Information
Name Penson, Thomas
Nick Name N/A
Baby Day N/A
Birthplace N/A
Age( 2023 ) N/A
Gender Male
Zodiac signal N/A
Profession expert in electric
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
State / Home Town N/A
School N/A
College Tennessee University
Educational Requirement Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Science
Religion N/A
Hobbies N/A
Relationship Status Widowed
Boyfriend N/A
Net Worth N/A
accolades and awards None

Penson, Thomas Early Life and Education

Not much is known about the early life and education of Penson, Thomas, the husband of Nikki McCray-Penson. He graduated from the Tennessee University in 1995 with a Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Science. He met Nikki McCray, who was a star basketball player at Tennessee, and they got married on March 30, 2002. They had a son, Thomas Jr., who was born in 2013.

Penson, Thomas Family Details:

Field Information
Parents Name unknown
Mother’s Title unknown
Brother(s) The first( John William Todd )
Sister(s) One( Jane )
Wife/Husband Nikki McCray – Penson, who passed away
Children Thomas Jr., one of the sons

Nikki McCray & Penson, Thomas Marriage Life

Nikki McCray and her husband Penson, Thomas had a long and loving marriage life. They met at the Tennessee University, where they both studied and played basketball. They got married on March 30, 2002, after Thomas proposed to Nikki during one of her league games. They had a son, Thomas Nikson Penson, who was born in February 2013. Thomas was very supportive of Nikki’s career and her fight against breast cancer. He often accompanied her to events and games, wearing pink to show solidarity with breast cancer survivors¹². They shared a passion for basketball and coaching, and they were devoted to their family and friends. They had been married for 21 years when Nikki passed away on July 7, 2023.

Penson, Thomas Career Highlight

Nikki McCray’s husband is Penson, Thomas, an electrical engineer who graduated from the Tennessee University in 1995. He proposed to McCray during one of her league basketball games and they got married on March 30, 2002. He was very supportive of his wife’s fight against cancer and often attended events to raise awareness and funds for the cause. He currently works at Irby, an electrical supply distributor. Some of his career highlights are:

    He was employed by Kendal Electric, a business that offers electric companies to homes, businesses, and businesses.

  • For a number of jobs, including one in Memphis, Tennessee, he was involved in the design and installation of solar panels.
  • He was honored for his efforts to advance renewable energy sources and was acknowledged as a pioneer in alternative energy solutions.

Natural statistics for Nikki McCray’s partner

Statistic Description
Height 5 foot 11 inches or so
Weight 158 weight or so
Brain Type Athletic
Vision Shade Brown
Colour of mane Black
Scalp size Short
Foot Type Unknown

Favorite Things of Nikki McCray’s father

Category Favorites
Color Unknown
Actor Unknown
Actress Unknown
Movies Unknown
Food Unknown
Books Unknown
Car Unknown
Things to Consider playing sports, creating and installing solar panels, and advancing his wife’s reason and career
Sports Basketball
a sportsperson Nikki McCray
Destination Unknown

Penson, Thomas’s lifestyle:

    He smokes, right? Unfamiliar

  • Does he drink any drinking? Unfamiliar
  • He drives, right? Yes.
  • Does he have any eating skills? Mysterious
  • Can he float? Mysterious
  • He’s a doctor, right? Mysterious
  • Does he exercise at the gym? Unfamiliar
  • Is he a guy, then? Mysterious
  • Does he go anywhere? Yes, 2.
  • Has he ever owned a pet? Unfamiliar
  • Does he have any musical talent? Mysterious
  • Does he possess any ink? Unfamiliar

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