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Paul Kolbe

Former CIA activities official Kolbe, Paul works as a senior fellow at the Center Belfer for Science and International Affairs. He has more than 25 years of experience in intelligence and security, having worked in a variety of capacities and locations worldwide. He developed a global knowledge capability while serving as BP’s director of intelligence and analysis.

He currently serves as a senior adviser to the media organization Spycraft Entertainment, which creates information based on actual espionage incidents. He writes articles and columns on intelligence and security issues and is a contributor to the Cipher Brief community of professionals. He has three kids and is committed to Kolbe, Maureen Farrell. Based on the internet search results, we will provide you with more information about Kolbe, Paul’s time, wiki, bio, family, career, and net worth in this post.

Kolbe, Paul Biography Profile:

Field Information
Name Kolbe, Paul
Nick Name Unknown
Beginning Time Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Age( 2023 ) Unknown
Gender Male
Zodiac mark Unknown
Profession Older fellow and former CIA operations official
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
State or hometown Unknown
School Unknown
College University of Michigan
Educational Requirement Global ties bachelor’s level
Religion Unknown
Hobbies Unknown
Relationship Status Married
Wife/Husband Kolbe, Maureen Farrell
Net Worth Unknown

Early Education and Life:

Kolbe, Paul did not share much about his early life, education, family, or career on social media or in interviews. He studied International Relations at University of Michigan’s James Madison college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He married Kolbe, Maureen Farrell and had three children with her.

Community Information:

Field Information
Father Name Unknown
Mother’s Title Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Wife/Husband Kolbe, Maureen Farrell
Children Three kids( names unknown )

Job Show:

Kolbe, Paul had a distinguished career as an operations officer in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations for 25 years. He served in various foreign and domestic roles, including as Chief of Station, Chief/Central Eurasia Division, and Balkans Group Chief. His overseas assignments included operational and leadership roles in the former Soviet Union, the Balkans, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and Central Europe. He was a member of the Senior Intelligence Service and received the Intelligence Medal of Merit and the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. He was also involved in intelligence analysis, policymaking, and security issues.

Kolbe left the CIA and took a position as Director of Intelligence and Analysis at BP, where he developed an enterprise-wide intelligence capability that was centered on political, proper, and business-related threats. He also established the Martin + Crumpton Group, a corporate consulting firm that offers solutions to difficult problems based on intelligence.

At Harvard University’s Center Belfer for Science and International Affairs, he is now a Senior Fellow and the original Director of the Intelligence Project. Additionally, he serves as a Senior Advisor to Spycraft Entertainment, an online media outlet that creates information based on real-life spying incidents. He writes articles and columns on intelligence and security issues and is a member of the Cipher Brief system of professionals.

Physical Information and More:

Field Information
Height( approximate ). 180 cm( estimated ) in centimeters
( Aproximate weight ) 80 kg( estimated ) in kilograms
Body Type ( Based on his photos ) Average
Length of the number Unknown
Eye Shade based on his photographs, Brown
Hair Color based on his photographs, Gray
Hair Length ( Based on his photos, brief )
Shoe Type Unknown

Social Media Controls:

Kolbe, Paul does not have any official or verified social media accounts. However, he often appears on the Center Belfer’s and the Cipher Brief’s social media accounts, where he posts and shares his articles, columns, and events. He also has a profile on the Center Belfer’s website and the Cipher Brief’s website.

His social internet covers are listed below:

Organization Website / Social Media Handle
Center Belfer @ BelferCenter on Instagram
Website: Kolbe, Paul | Center Belfer for Science and International Affairs
Cipher Brief @ thecipherbrief on Twitter
Website: Kolbe, Paul – Cipher Brief

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