Who is Richard Roundtree’s ex-wife, Mary Jane Grant?

Mary Jane Grant

Richard Roundtree, the illustrious actor who portrayed John Shaft in the 1971 movie The Shiny Eye and its sequel, had a second wife named Mary Jane Grant. She and he had two kids together during their ten-year marriage. What happened to Mary Jane Grant and who is she, though? What we do hear about her is as follows:

    Richard Roundtree and Mary Jane Grant, who were both Southern Illinois University students at the time of their birth in 1941, met. On November 27, 1963, when they were both 22 years older, they fell in love and got married.

  • Mary Jane Grant moved with her husband to New York City, where he joined the Negro Ensemble Company and started acting in stage productions, supporting his career as a design and professional. She also assisted him in landing his ground-breaking role as John Shaft, a personable and great detective who battled crime in Harlem.
  • Tayler, who was born in 1969, and Nicole, a daughter of Mary Jane Grant and Richard Roundtree, were both born at the same time. They led a opulent lifestyle and raised their home in an expansive room in Manhattan. They interacted with famous people like Isaac Hayes, Sidney Poitier, and Diana Ross while attending prize ceremonies, premiere events, or events.
  • Nonetheless, their union was not without issues. Richard Roundtree acknowledged having multiple affairs with other people in his book Voices of Dark Men: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. He even struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, which had an impact on both his job and his health. He claimed that as a husband and father, he was” selfish” and” irresponsible.”
  • After ten years of marriage, Mary Jane Grant and Richard Roundtree got divorced in December 1973. They continued to be their children’s companions and co-parents. Before getting married to Karen M. Ciernia in 1980, Richard Roundtree briefly dated artist Cathy Lee Crosby. Morgan, Kelli, and James were the other three kids he had with her. In 1998, he got a divorce from her.
  • After her divorce from Richard Roundtree, Mary Jane Grant not got married again. She concentrated on raising her kids and pursuing her personal goals. She rose to prominence as an interior designer and a charity. She also helped her ex-husband when he received a breast cancer diagnosis in 1993 and passed away on October 23, 2023, from liver cancer.
  • Mary Jane Grant, who resides in Los Angeles, is then 82 years old. She is pleased with her kids and children, who have walked in their father’s feet in the entertainment business. Morgan is a song and singer, Kelli is dancer and choreographer, James is singer and DJ, Tayler is singer and artist, Nicole is an artist and supplier.

Richard Roundtree, the second Shaft sun, passed away at the age of 81, and his first wife was Mary Jane Grant. She spent ten years being his lifelong love and companion, and more than fifty years as his companion. She is an extraordinary person who has led a rich and full lifestyle.

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