Who Is Still Together From Perfect Match Season 2?

Perfect Match season 2

Perfect Match is a Netflix reality TV show that features contestants from various reality shows including Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and The Circle.

In the show contestants from the various Netflix shows bought together on a villa where they compete together to form relationships. Here couples who win challenges get private dates and the ability to choose two new singles to bring into the game.

The winning coupes act as matchmakers for the day and set up the dates for other contestants. And those who were not able to find the match had to leave the show 

Who Are Still Together And Not From Season 2 Of Perfect Match?

These are the couples from Netflix’s show Perfect Match of Season 2:-

Christine Obanor And Nigel Jonas

Christine Obanor and Nigel Jonas, the late-forming couple from Netflix’s show “Perfect Match” Season 2, were the favorite couple. The couple won the title of “Perfect Match” but their compatibility outside the show remains uncertain. Nigel and Christine are private on social media, but their lack of mutual followers on Instagram suggests they may have separated. Chritine’s relatable relationship struggles on TikTok at a past or current situation, leaving fans wondering if this adorable couple has truly gone their separate ways since the show.

Stevan Ditter And Alara Taneri

Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri, the outstanding couple from Netflix’s reality show “Perfect Match” Season 2, have captured the hearts of fans with their certain chemistry. Initially paired in Episode 3, they remained loyal in their commitment to each other, even when faced with other romantic opportunities. Despite not winning the show, Stevan and Alara’s genuine connection sounded deep with viewers. Although their current relationship status remains unclear, the absence of any recent updates suggests they may have gone their separate ways. Alara still follows Stevan on Instagram, but he does not respond to the gesture, indicating a possible breakup. Despite this, their time together on the show remains a loved memory for fans.

Elys Hutchinson And Bryton Constantin

Elys Hutchinson, a contestant from Too Hot to Handle, had an experience of romance during Perfect Match. Initially, she was paired with Harry Jowsey, who later chose Jessica Vestal. Feeling blindsided, Elys chooses her friend Chris Hahn. However, she soon found herself towards Justin Assada from Surviving Paradise, with whom she matched. Despite the connection, Elys couldn’t shake off her feelings for Bryton from Squid Game: The Challenge. She eventually matched with him, but it appears they didn’t last beyond the show. Bryton is currently linked to WWE NXT star Jade Gentile, known professionally as Jazmyn Nyx. Although neither has publicly confirmed their relationship, Gentile has an Instagram story highlight dedicated to Bryton, suggesting a romantic connection.

Kaz Bishop And Micah Lussier

Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier, the dynamic duo from Perfect Match, have navigated a rollercoaster of emotions throughout their journey. Initially, they started strong, even winning a compatibility challenge. However, Micah’s frustration increases with Kaz’s constant interest in other women, including Holly from Too Hot to Handle.

This led to a tense evening where Kaz decided not to match with Micah and instead paired with Christine. Despite Kaz’s confession to Micah about missing her, Micah ultimately chooses to follow her heart and give him another chance. However, it appears that this hot-and-cold couple has gone their separate ways. Micah has posted several TikTok videos getting ready for dates, including one in January 2024, indicating that she has moved on.

Chris Hahn And Tolu Ekundare

Chris Hahn and Tolu Ekundare, the unlikely couple from Perfect Match, captured the hearts of viewers with their friends-to-lovers journey. Initially, they started as friends, but their bond grew stronger over time. Despite their strong chemistry, they faced challenges and difficulties, including Chris’s flirtation with Melinda Melrose from Too Hot to Handle. However, they ultimately chose to prioritize their relationship and continue to support each other on social media. Although their current relationship status remains unclear, their mutual support suggests a deep connection that exceeds their friendship.

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