Who Plays Jules in Euphoria? Meet Trans Actress Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer is Best known for Potraying transgender teenager Jules Vaughn on the Euphoria in HBO’s hit drama series. Hunter Schafer is one of the most young stars. her current role in the HBO hit series the viewers love her. While “Euphoria” marks Schafer’s acting debut, her talents extend past the screen. She is also a dynamic artist and has contributed to the show’s creative process. In Season 1, Schafer co-wrote an episode with Sam Levinson, exploring her character’s backstory in a more intimate and personal way. This collaboration highlighted Schafer’s multifaceted talent and deep connection to her character.

Who Plays the Jules’s Role in Euphoria?

In the HBO series Euphoria, Hunter Schafer is the actress who plays Jule’s role. The teen drama stars Zendaya as Rue, a seventy-year-old girl recovering drug addict who befriends Jules Vaughn. But Hunter said that she didn’t want to play transgender roles. It’s very hard to look away from the drama not only because of its intense scenes but also because of its breaking characters. like the transgender Jules plays in Hunter, Hunter’s father supports her in transitioning their gender.

Is Hunter Schafer a Transgender girl in Real Life 

Hunter Schafer is the Gayboy in the seventh standard she came out with their parents as a gay boy. He started sharing gender dysphoria in the eighth standard. In the ninth standard, she transformed their gender and became a transgender girl and she became transitioning after being diagnosed with dysphoria. In an interview, she expressed their feelings about moving beyond playing transgender  roles, stating I have worked so hard to get where I am, Past the challenging stages of my transition, and now I just want to become

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