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Charles Feeney
Previous businessman and philanthropist Charles Feeney donated the majority of his wealth to various global causes. He co-founded Duty Free Shoppers, a string of duty-free airport outlets, in 1960. He was born in New Jersey on 23 April 1931. In 1984, he secretly transferred all of his assets to his foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies, and until the organization’s closure in 2020, it donated more than$ 8 billion to causes like education, health care, or human rights. He led a modest, low-profile life and motivated different rich individuals to take part in the Giving Pledge. Due to complications from Parkinson’s condition, he passed away on October 9, 2023, at the age of 92.

Biography of Charles Feeney

NameFeeney, Charles
Name NickChuck
Date of Birth23 April 1931
BirthplaceUSA, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Age( 2023 )92 years old( deceased )
Zodiac signalTaurus
ProfessionEntrepreneur and billionaire
NationalityEuropean and British
EthnicityWhite( American – Irish )
State / Home TownCalifornia’s San Francisco,
SchoolMary of the Assumption High School
CollegeCornell College
academic backgroundHotel leadership bachelor’s degree in science
Hobbiesgolf, travel, and studying
Relationship Rankhalf married
WifeHelga Feeney( 1960 – 1988 ) and Danielle Lauder( 1991 – 2023 )
ChildrenLeslie, Diane, Patrick, David, and Juliet Feeney are the five kids.
monetary valueAs of 2020,$ 2 million

Charles Feeney Early Life and Education

Charles Feeney was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, to a working-class Irish-American family. His father was an insurance underwriter and his mother was a nurse. He attended Mary of the Assumption High School and served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. He enrolled at Cornell College in 1952 with the help of the GI Bill and graduated in 1956 with a degree in hotel administration.

Charles Feeney Family Details

Name of the FatherTheo Feeney
Mother’s NameMrs. Madeline Feeney
Wife/HusbandHelga Feeney( 1960 – 1988 ) and Danielle Lauder( 1991 – 2023 )
ChildrenLeslie, Diane, Patrick, David, and Juliet Feeney are the five kids.

Charles Feeney Career Highlight

Duty Free Shoppers( DFS ), a chain of duty-free airport shops that sold upscale goods to tourists, was co-founded by Charles Feeney. With the help of his Cornell student Robert Miller, he founded the company in 1960 and grew it to a world empire with over 850 shops spread across more than 40 nations. In 1996, he sold his ownership of DFS to LVMH for$ 1.63 billion. He even made investments in other companies, including Facebook and Alibaba-backed General Atlantic, a private equity firm.

Feeney was a well-known philanthropist who pioneered the idea of” giving while living ,” giving the majority of his wealth to charitable organizations while he was still alive rather than leaving it to an endowment after his passing. He quietly transferred all of his assets to The Atlantic Philanthropies by 1984 after founding it in 1982. Until his foundation closed in 2020, he donated more than$ 8 billion to foundations, universities, and charities all over the world. His contributions helped with things like science and technology, people rights, peace and reconciliation, and knowledge. He gave generously to Ireland, where he was granted membership in 1997 and helped fund initiatives like the Good Friday Agreement, Trinity College Dublin, and the University of Limerick.

Feeney was well-known for leading a modest life. He flew economy class, wore a$ 15 view, had no car or house, and avoided attention. ” You should use your wealth to help people ,” he once remarked,” I had one thought that always changed in my mind.” The Giving Pledge, a strategy to promote powerful people to give the majority of their money to philanthropy, was inspired by him to join by other entrepreneurs like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. The Cornell Icon of Industry Award, the Presidential Distinguished Service Award from Ireland, and the Forbes 400 Lifetime Achievement Award for Philanthropy are just a few of the honours and accolades he was given for his benevolence. At the age of 92, he passed away on October 9, 2023, as a result of Parkinson’s disease problems.

Charles Feeney Physical Stats and More

( Aproximate height )175 inches in inches
( Aproximate weight )70 pounds in pounds
Type of BodySlim
Length of the FindN/A
Colour of the eyesBlue
Colour of maneGray
Hair DurationShort
Foot TypeN/A

Favourite Items

Favourite ItemsDetails
Preferred shadeBritish flag colors: green, white, and orange
Preferred performerNeeson Liam
Favourite celebrityStreep, Meryl
Beloved FilmsThe Shawshank Redemption and Schindler’s Record
Preferred musiciansThe Cranberries, U2
Preferred CuisineCorned meat, Irish stew, and broccoli
Preferred publicationsShel Silverstein’s The Offering Branch
Beloved Clothingrelaxed and straightforward
Favourite creatureDog
Favourite Items to Dogolf, travel, and studying
Beloved Sportssports and sport
Beloved Sports PersonBrian O’Driscoll, Rory McIlroy
Preferred Place to GoIreland


  • Lifestyle Information Does he dust? No.
  • He drinks beer, right? Yes( in moderation )
  • Does he have a car? Does he know how to cook? Perhaps
  • Is he a swimmer? Perhaps
  • Is he a doctor, then? N / A
  • He works out at the treadmill, right? Perhaps
  • He’s a pedestrian, right? Perhaps
  • He travels, right? The answer is yes.
  • Has he ever owned a pet? No.
  • He plays any equipment, right? N / A
  • Has he ever gotten a tattoo? No.

Covers on Social Media

Charles Feeney, the original businessman and philanthropist who donated the majority of his wealth, had no social media accounts that I could find online.

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