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Dave Courtney

Original London gangster Courtney, Dave went on to become an actor and a writer. He claimed to have inspired Vinnie Jones’ figure in the movie Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and was well-known for his connections to the infamous Kray sisters. He starred in many low-budget murder movies and wrote six books. On Sunday, October 22, 2023, at the age of 64, he passed away at his Plumstead house after being discovered shot. His passing was made public on his social media platforms, and the police are now looking into it. We did learn more about his age, website, profile, family, net worth, and other details in this post.

Profile Page of Courtney, Dave

Field Information
Name Courtney, Dave
Name Nick Dodgy Dave, Courtney, Dave OBE (One Big Ego)
Birthdate February 17, 1959
Birthplace London, England’s Bermondsey
Age( as of 2023 ) 64( deceased )
Gender Male
Zodiac mark Aquarius
Profession Author, performer, and self-described mafia
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
State / Home Town London’s Plumstead, England
School Primary Adamsrill school in South East London’s Sydenham
College N/A
academic background N/A
Religion N/A
Hobbies writing novels, acting in movies, and watching sports
Relationship Status Married
Wife JennyBean( true name not known )
Children Four girls: Chantelle, Renee, Jade, and Rhianon

Learning and first living:

Courtney, Dave was born in Bermondsey, London, on February 17, 1959. He went to Primary Adamsrill school in South East London’s Sydenham. He claimed to have been involved in debt-collecting, minding clubs, assault, contraband, and murder since his teenage years. He also claimed to have spent time in Belmarsh Prison as a high security prisoner and to have been found not guilty in 19 separate trials

Information about the household:

Field Information
Father Name Mr. John Courtney
Title of the family Courtney, Mary
Wife/Husband JennyBean( true title not known )
Children Rhianon, Jade, Renee, and Chantelle are the four sons.

Job Show:

Courtney, Dave was an author, having had six books published: Stop the Ride I Want to Get Off, Raving Lunacy, Dodgy Dave’s Little Black Book, The Ride’s Back On, F**k the Ride, and Heroes & Villains. He also starred in and produced his own film, Hell to Pay (2005), and took on the leading role of Mad Dave opposite Manish Patel in the low-budget British film Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees (2003). He appeared in several crime documentaries and low-budget gangster films. He often focused on his links with gangsters such as Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean, although he was nine years old when Kray was imprisoned. He said his exploits had inspired Vinnie Jones’s character in the film Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels

Physical Information and More:

Field Information
Height( approximate ). 185 inches in inches
Weight( approximate ). 90 kilograms in pounds
Brain Form Muscular
Length of the Find N/A
Colour of the eyes Brown
Colour of hair Black
Scalp size Short
Foot Type 10

Preferred Items:

Favourite Items Details
Beloved shade Red
Beloved performer Theodore Pacino
Favourite artist Angelina Jolie
Preferred Films Dirty and The Uncle
Preferred musicians Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra
Beloved Cuisine a steak and chips
Preferred Fashionistas Versace and Armani
Favourite publications The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli and The Art of Battle by Sun Tzu
Beloved Style of Dance Breakdancing
Beloved attire set jackets and suits
Preferred creature Lion
Popular Vehicle Ghost Rolls Royce
Favourite Items to Do writing novels, acting in movies, and watching sports, and spending time with his family
Preferred sports sports and fighting
Preferred sports Person Ali Muhammad
Favorite Location the city of Las Vegas


Courtney, Dave smoked cigarettes and cigars. He consumed alcohol occasionally. He drove a Ghost Rolls Royce and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He knew how to cook basic dishes. He swam for exercise. He practiced martial arts such as karate and judo. He went to the gym regularly. He jogged every morning. He traveled frequently for work and pleasure. He had several pets such as dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles. He played the piano and the guitar. He had several tattoos on his arms, chest, back, and legs.

Covers on social internet

Social Media Site Handle/Username
TikTok @davecourtneyobe
Instagram @davecourtneyobe
Twitter @davecourtneyobe
Page on Facebook Courtney, Dave OBE
YouTube Courtney, Dave OBE
Snapchat davecourtneyobe
OnlyFans davecourtneyobe
Reddit u/davecourtneyobe
LinkedIn Courtney, Dave OBE
Discord davecourtneyobe#1234
Patreon davecourtneyobe

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