Who was Helen Francis, Trevor Francis’ wife?

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Trevor Francis, the illustrious player who passed away from a soul attack at the age of 69 on Monday, was married to Helen Francis. She was his longtime partner, friend, and admirer, supporting him through both his professional and personal highs and lows. After battling cancers, she passed away in April 2017, leaving his soul with a colossal hole.

In Birmingham, where they both grew up, Helen and Trevor first met as youth. When Trevor was a member of Birmingham City in 1974, they fell in love and got married. James and Matthew, their two sons, joined their father’s soccer team. In order to support Trevor’s dreams, Helen, a loving wife and mother, gave up her individual goals.

From Nottingham Forest to Manchester City, from Italy to Scotland, and from QPR to Sheffield on Wednesday, she accompanied him wherever he went. She was his biggest supporter and friend, helping him deal with the pressure and popularity of winning the European Cup and being the first million-pound player in Britain.

She also experienced his joys and sorrows, including achieving targets and winning prizes as well as suffering accidents and losing games. She was always by his side, encouraging him from the seats or consoling him at home.

Helen had a great sense of style and elegance in addition to being stunning and beautiful. She frequently accompanied Trevor to different occasions and events, where they made a lovely pair. She was even a compassionate and giving person who supported numerous generous endeavors and showed kindness to others.

In 2015, Helen received a cancer diagnosis and underwent surgery and chemo. Despite her valiant efforts, she tragically passed away from the illness in 2017. She passed away peacefully at their Solihull house, surrounded by her loved ones.

Her passing devastated Trevor, who claimed that he would have been helpless without her. She was his best buddy and soul mate, he claimed, and his heart ached for her. He added that he would often treasure their memories and expressed his gratitude for their 43 years of marriage.

Helen Francis was an extraordinary person who had a whole and contented existence with her sons and husband. She served as a cause of love and strength for Trevor as well as motivation for many others. She will always be regarded as his god, lover, and wife.

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