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At the age of 55, Rick Froberg, a well-known singer and guitarist for some significant post-hardcore bands, passed away. John Reis, a lifelong partner, claims that he passed away unexpectedly on Friday nights from natural causes. In addition to being a powerful visual actor who produced album covers for numerous punk rock bands, Froberg served as the singer for Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Pitchfork, and Obits. We will examine his cause of death, time, website, net worth, relationship, career, family, and more in this post.

Biography of Rick Froberg:

Field Information
Name Froberg, Eric” Rick”
also referred to as Rick Farr and Rick Fork
Birth Date January 19, 1968
place of birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Age( as of 2023 ) 55( deceased )
Gender Male
Zodiac signal N/A
Profession guitar, visual artist, and performer
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
State or hometown California’s Encinitas, in the USA
School N/A
College N/A
academic background N/A
Religion N/A
Hobbies N/A
Relationship Status married
Girlfriend N/A
monetary value N/A

Early Childhood and Education

Rick Froberg was raised in Encinitas, California, and was born in Los Angeles. He began performing in bands in the San Diego location as a student. He didn’t say much about his upbringing or private life.

Family Information

Field Information
Name of the Father N/A
Title of the family N/A
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Wife Amelia
Children None

Carriage Show:

Singer, guitar, and visual artist Rick Froberg was a member of some well-known post-hardcore songs, including Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu. Additionally, he belonged to Pitchfork and Obits. He was renowned for his passionate singing, intricate guitar playing, and unconventional music buildings. Additionally, he produced album artwork for both his own rings and other artists, including Rocket From the Crypt. In the rock and independent stone scenes, he was highly regarded and admired by his contemporaries and fans.

Together with guitar John Reis, he founded Pitchfork in 1986 in San Diego. Before breaking up, the group released one song, Eucalyptus, in 1990. Drive Like Jehu was later created by Froberg and Reis with the help of Night Soil Man’s music part. Yank Crime was released in 1994, and Drive Like Jehu made their self-titled introduction in 1991. The former record, which had an impact on bands like At the Drive-In and the Blood Brothers, is regarded as a monument of the US punk beneath. After splitting up in 1995, Drive Like Jehu came back together for a few life performances in 2014 and 2016.

In 1999, Froberg and Reis re-joined, playing more clear storage punk in Hot Snakes. Between 2000 and 2004, the group released three songs: Audit in Progress, Suicide Invoice, and Automatic Midnight. They broke up in 2005, but they came back together in 2010 and released Jericho Sirens in 2018.

Obits, another circle formed by Froberg without Reis, played a blend of rock, surf stone, and garage rock. Between 2009 and 2013, the band released three albums: Bed & amp, Bugs, Moody, Standard and Poor, and I Blame You.

At the age of 55, Froberg passed away unexpectedly on July 2, 2023, from biological factors. Reis, a devoted companion and partner, announced his passing on Instagram.

What are a few well-known music by Rick Froberg?

  • Travel Like Jehu’s” Atom Jack”
  • Pull Like Jehu’s” Luau”
  • Popular Snakes'” If Credit’s What Matters, I’ll Get Record”
  • ” I Need a Doc” by Hot Reptiles
  • Obits'” Pine On”

Marriage with Rick Froberg

Amelia was the wife of Rick Froberg, but little is known about her because she preferred to keep a small account. Some of Rick Froberg’s connections in the song business include:

  • His lifelong bandmate and partner in Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, and Hot Snakes is John Reis.
  • Mike Kennedy and Mark Trombino, his co-stars in Drive Like Jehu
  • His teammates in Hot Snakes, Jason Kourkounis and Gar Wood
  • Greg Simpson, Alexis Fleisig, and Sohrab Habibion, his own Obits members

Physical Information and More:

Field Information
Height( approximate ). N/A
( Aproximate weight ) N/A
Type of Body Slim
Find Size N/A
Colour of the eyes Brown
Colour of mane Black
Hair Duration Short
Length of shoes N/A

Preferred Items

Preferred Items Details
Favourite Color N/A
Beloved professional N/A
Preferred artist N/A
Favourite Films N/A
Preferred musicians N/A
Preferred Cuisine N/A
Preferred Fashionistas N/A
Favourite publications N/A
Beloved style of dancing N/A
Favourite Clothing Casual
Favourite creature N/A
Preferred vehicle N/A
Preferred Items to Do Singing, playing the guitar, and creating craft
Favourite Sports N/A
Favourite Sports Person N/A
Favourite Place to Go N/A


  • Is he a smoker? No.
  • Does he drink drinking? No.
  • Does he operate a vehicle? Yes.
  • Does he have any eating skills? No.
  • He can snorkel, right? No.
  • Is he a doctor? No.
  • He works out at the treadmill, right? No.
  • He’s a pedestrian, right? No.
  • Does he go on trips? Yes.
  • Does he own any animals? No.
  • Does he have any musical talent? Yes, a piano
  • Has he ever gotten a tattoo? No.

Grips on Social Media

Rick Froberg did not spend a lot of time on social media. On TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, OnlyFans, Reddit, LinkedIn, Discord, and Patreon, he didn’t have any formal records. He did, however, have a personal site where he displayed his designs and aesthetic art. Additionally, he often shared information about the band’s upcoming second album on the Hot Snakes Instagram accounts. On June 29th, 2023, he was last seen posting a picture of himself in the workshop.

Social Media Site Handle/Username
TikTok N/A
Instagram  N/A
Twitter N/A
Page on Facebook N/A
YouTube N/A
Snapchat N/A
OnlyFans N/A
Reddit N/A
LinkedIn N/A
Discord N/A
Patreon N/A

Rick Froberg: Who was he?

British singer and visual artist Rick Froberg played the guitar and sang for a number of San Diego-based songs, including Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, and Hot Snakes. Additionally, he produced song art for his own songs as well as others, including Sparta and Rocket from the Crypt.

When did Rick Frobergdie? 

At the age of 55, Rick Froberg passed away on June 30, 2023. John Reis, a lifelong partner, claims that he passed away unexpectedly from healthy reasons.

What was Rick Froberg‘s musical style and influence?

The music genres of Rick Froberg were influenced by punk rock, post-punk, pre-hardcore, indie rock and storage rock. His loud, snarling voice, intricate guitar riffs, and protracted song lengths were well recognized. He had an impact on many rings, including At the Drive-In, Fugazi, Refused, and Quicksand. He was regarded as a pioneer and an image of the post-hardcore subgenre.


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