Who was Sue Johanson’s husband, Ejnor Johanson? Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Carrier, Net Worth & More

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Johanson, Sue, a French sexual educator, public speech, and registered nurse, is married to Ejnor. He wed Sue in 1953 and is a Swedish-Canadian plumber. Their three kids, Carol, Eric, and Jane, are even his children. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about Johanson Husband Ejnor Jonson’s years, website, height, pounds, family, carrier, biography, and net worth.

Biography of Johanson, Ejnor

NameJohanson, Ejnor
Name NickEjnor
Birth DateUnknown
Age( as of 2023 )passed away in 2019 at the age of 87.
Zodiac markUnknown
State / Home TownOntario’s North York
academic backgroundUnknown
Relationship StatusMarried ( deceased )
Wife/HusbandJohanson, Sue
monetary valueUnknown

Early Childhood and Education

Johanson, Ejnor was born in Sweden to unknown parents. He has not revealed his exact date of birth or age, but he passed away in 2019 after a long illness at the age of 87. He immigrated to Canada at some point and settled in Ontario’s North York. He worked as an electrician for most of his life.

He met Johanson, Sue in Winnipeg, where she graduated as a registered nurse from St. Boniface Hospital. They got married in 1953 and had three children together. They supported each other in their careers and personal lives.

Johanson, Ejnor died in 2019 after a long illness. He was survived by his wife, children and grandchildren. He was remembered as a loving husband, father and grandfather who was proud of his wife’s achievements as a sex educator.

Family Information

Johanson, Ejnor’s wife, Johanson, Sue, died on June 28, 2023, at the age of 93. She was a Canadian sex educator, public speaker and registered nurse who hosted several radio and TV shows on sex and sexuality. She was also a recipient of the Order of Canada for her services to sex education.

Johanson, Sue was born on March 16, 1930, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as Sue Powell. She graduated as a registered nurse from St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg and married Johanson, Ejnor, a Swedish-Canadian electrician, in 1953. They had three children together: Jane, Eric, and Carol.

Father NameUnknown
Mother’s NameUnknown
Wife/HusbandJohanson, Sue
ChildrenJane, Eric, and Carol

Career Highlights

Johanson, Ejnor was an electrician who worked for various companies and projects. He was skilled and reliable in his trade. He supported his wife Johanson, Sue in her career as a nurse, a sex educator and a public speaker. He was proud of her accomplishments and her contributions to the society.

Physical Information and More

Height( roughly )Unknown
Weight( roughly )Unknown
Colour of maneGrey( hair loss )
Hair DurationShort
Colour of the eyesBlue
Type of BodyAverage
Length of the FindUnknown
Length of the clothingUnknown
Length of shoesUnknown

Preferred Items

  • Favourite Color: Unknown
  • Favourite professional: Unknown
  • Favourite actress: Mysterious
  • Favourite film: Mysterious
  • Preferred Activity: Unknown
  • Favourite Singer: Unknown
  • Favourite Song: Unknown
  • Favourite attire: Mysterious
  • Preferred Vehicles: Unknown
  • Mysterious foods habits


  • Does he use tobacco? Mysterious
  • Does he drink any drinking? Unfamiliar
  • Does he operate a vehicle? Mysterious
  • Does he have any eating skills? Unfamiliar
  • He can snorkel, right? Mysterious
  • Is he a doctor, then? Unfamiliar
  • He works out at the treadmill, right? Mysterious
  • He’s a pedestrian, right? Unfamiliar
  • He travels, right? Mysterious
  • Does he own any animals? Unfamiliar
  • He plays any tools, right? Mysterious
  • Has he ever gotten a tattoo? Unfamiliar

Covers on social internet

Johanson, Ejnor did not have any social media accounts.

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